leire agirre

Rock Climber & Therapist

After several years studying and training in Superior Therapeutic and Sports Massage, I decided to train in Thai Massage in Chiang Mai (Thailand).
I graduated in Osteopathy at the International Osteopathy Centre in Donostia and also studied Dietetics & Nutrition at IES Plaiaundi in Irun.
Working at my Therapy Centre in Zarautz, I feel the need to bring together all my knowledge and interests and give them a unified and coherent shape.
My goal is to offer you the chance of feeling the energy to balance, heal and root yourself through contact with Nature, the Environment and Manual Therapìes. 

my background...

My relationship with climbing started when I was 13. After training hard for several years, I won the Spanish First Championship when I was 20.
This victory made me focus on my sports performance and reach one of my dreams, which was to chain an 8a.Thanks to my perseverance, I overcame a greater challenge, to chain an 8a on sight.

High performance climbing was my passion until 2006. From then until now, for personal reasons, I am concentrating on Manual Therapies.

Spanish Champion
+ 1995, Gasteiz
+ 1998, Granada
+ 1999, Zaragoza
+ 2000, Benasque
+ 2001, Oviedo
+ 2002, Avilés

Boulder World Cup, 2000
+ 4th in Munich (Germany)
+ 4th in Rovereto (Italy)

First climb in Simonides, 8b+, Araotz (1999)
First repetitor, Agur, 8b+ Araotz 
Burugorri 8b+, Araotz (2004)
Samba pa ti 8a, on sight, Teverga (Asturias) (2003)
Go west 8a on sight, Sadernes (Katalunia)
Matrix, 8a crossing, Frankenjura 
5 route of 8a on sight
More than 80 roads, level 8


En Roca

World Cup, 2001
+ 5th in Birmingham (England)

1st place: Petzi Roc Trip Millau (2003)
6th place: Birmingham (England) 

Winner of more than
35 National Events

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